Stylized Self-PortraitHi there! I’m the artist you’ve been seeing so much about on this site!

Art has always been a huge part of my life starting from when I was a little kid. I loved to draw up little stories about anything that was floating around in my young mind. When I got a bit older, I started making up my own main characters, giving them simple backstories and personalities. Most of my influence came from the TV shows and cartoons I would watch at the time.

Nowadays, not much has changed; I’m still fascinated by cartoons and still love to create characters and stories, just a little more complex. I love to write my own comic books in my free time and draw up concept art to help sell the characters. I also love to constantly learn and teach myself new art techniques to continue to better myself as a growing artist.

Since graduating from school, I have worked for a bunch of different studios, freelance jobs, instructor positions, published a couple short comics here and there, started a web show and continued growing my experience in illustration and animation.

I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to leave comments and critiques.

– Andrew Fleming


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